3-in-1 Combination Installation


The SCI-354 combination Kritter Cap® is universal and can be used on 3″; 3 ½” and 4″ corner posts. It is easily sized by snipping or breaking off sections with side cutters or pliers.

 The SCI-354 Combination Kritter Cap® is ready to use on 4″ corner posts.  The base filler tabs are used for filling voids where the plywood sheathing or insulation under the siding doesn’t come to a square corner and should be removed if not needed.

For 3-1/2″ corner posts, cut or snip off the yellow legs and yellow base sections.

For 3″ corner posts, cut or snip off the green legs and green base sections.

Start one leg of the Kritter Cap® into the corner post fold.  Insert the other leg and push the Kritter Cap® up to the top of the foundation.  If possible, use a small mirror to see that the Kritter Cap® is closing the gap. 

CAUTION:  PROPERLY DISCARD All pieces and section removed for installation.  Do ot leave trimmed pieces laying on the ground where they are accessible to small children and pets!

Click here for a pdf file of these instructions.



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