Core End Details

Thank you for your interest in Stouffer’s patented Spider Flanges (paper core ends). Paper cores vary in I.D. dimensions.

We designed the Spider Flange to fit 99% of paper cores manufactured.

The Spider flange should easily twist on or off of the paper core yet it should be very difficult to pull the flange straight out of the core.

Three holes are provided for holding the disk and Spider flange while positioning it on or off the paper core or for hanging the assembly when not in use. Wide roll assemblies are designated ” FS or FES for the feed end which allows the disk to fit close to the roll of paper, or” TE or” TUS” for the take up end which have core extenders that extend the paper core length 1/2″on each.

  • For rolls up to 8″ wide: #RF162PF-10.0
  • For rolls up to 30″ wide: #RF162PF-10.0/TUS
  • Rolls up to 84″ wide: #RF162PF2 10.0/FES


The disk has three arrows pointing in the direction of the spider fingers. To install a core simply twist the core in the same direction as the spider fingers and at the same time slightly pushing the core onto the spider fingers. Or, hold the core and twist the disk in the opposite direction of the fingers while slightly pushing the spider fingers onto the core. To remove, simply twist as described above while pulling disk off the core. On the feed end of the processor, the arrows should point opposite the paper travel. On the take up end of the processor, the arrows point in the same direction as the paper travels. Or, THE BLUE DISK IS USUALLY ON YOUR RIGHT.


Flanges are adjustable as follows:


The Spider flange is attached to the disk with three rivet nuts and screws. If the core is too loose, the Spider flange can be slightly expanded by tightening all three equally. Caution – Do not over tighten.


Slightly loosen the three screws which will cause the flange to decrease in over all diameter




Spider Flange Suffix I.D.
Core End Details